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Current Response Time:

2-3 hours

Current Response Time:

2-3 hours

Chris from Grey-Water Drainage Solutions prepares a manhole for drain cleaning in Dartford.

Fully Qualified Engineers

Unblocking drains across Dartford and surrounding areas.

Effective and safe methods

Our engineers are highly qualified and experienced drain engineers, supported by a company with a focus on customer safisfaction.

Internal blocked drains

We have access to tools such as plungers, mechanical augers, chain cleaners and mini high-pressure jets.

External Drain Unblocking

Industrial expertise and equipment, drain rodding, high pressure water jetting, gully grabs and more.

Unblocking 95% of all drains on our first visit

Avoid additional costs, we provide excellent value for money.

Why do we believe our engineers are the best?
Simply great drainage engineers, at great prices.
When called out to a blocked drain in Dartford, our fully qualified and professional engineer will assess the problem and decide upon the most effective and safest method of clearance. We regularly deal with blocked toilets, sinks, baths, as well as external guttering in the Dartford area.

With small chain cleaning machines for small internal pipe work - sinks, toilet pans, kitchen wastes - we use a number of different tools including plungers, mechanical augers, chain cleaners and mini high-pressure jetting and more. This means our team have the best equipment to deal with your problem, always.

For external blockages such as manholes we employ a variety of equipment including drain rods, water jetting, chain cleaners, gully grabs and even have our own fleet of tankers to extract vast amounts of liquids to gain access to hard to reach areas.

Our engineers are certified in jetting techniques, which is especially important in older drainage systems where clay pipe can easily be damaged by improper application of this method. Don't risk using an uninsured or inexperienced drainage company, you can use our services with complete peace of mind.

Guaranteed to solve your problem, at an affordable price, with an amazing friendly team. What more could you want?

Unblocking drains in Dartford

We undertake drain unblocking in Dartford, attending to internal pipework in sinks, toilets, urinals, showers, and baths.

Utilising a number of different tools including plungers, mechanical augers, chain cleaners and mini high-pressure jetting, we're able to address problems quickly and efficiently.

We clear 95% of blockages on our first visit, without the need for any further work or costs.

Unblocking Drains
A plunger is used to unblock a drain in Dartford.
Leaking drain pipe in Dartford.

Identifying leaks in Dartford

We undertake leak identification in Dartford in various forms depending on the severity and location of the leak.

After identification, drain patching is often enough to stem the flow of minor leaks.

We clear 95% of leaks on our first visit in a mere couple of hours, without the need for any further work or costs.

Identifying Leaks

Drain jetting in Dartford

Drain jetting is offered in Dartford as a way to clear drains of stubborn blockages that rods cannot take care of.

We use industry-leading equipment to negotiate bends and reach further down drain pipes, exerting more force to remove blockages.

We clear 95% of blockages on our first visit, preventing additional costs or works.

Drain Jetting
A professional drain technician uses a jetting hose to clear a gully drain in Dartford.
Sink drain tightened to repair in Dartford.

Drain repairs and relining in Dartford

We provide drain repairs and relining services in Dartford. This will help to reinforce the integrity of your drain pipes and allow water to flow smoothly.

With state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques, we can assess the areas of your drains that need relining or repair. This in turn prevents future problems arising.

No heavy industrial equipment is used to carry out these processes and every care is taken not to damage your property.

Repairs and Relining

Drain excavation in Dartford

If your drains have become deformed or suffered from a collapse, we offer excavation in the Dartford area.

In excavation, a hole or trench will be dug to provide a direct access point to the affected area(s). Once underway, our team will navigate the problem with time-tested techniques.

We avoid damage to the surrounding area and to your drainage system when carrying out excavation, offering peace of mind and proven results.

Drain Excavation
An empty drain pipe lies in an excavated trench in Dartford.
An extendable pump is snaked through a manhole in Dartford.

Pump servicing in Dartford

We provide pump services in the Dartford area. With repair and maintenance solutions to fit all drain pump needs.

From booster sets to sewage water pumps, we address both commercial and residential systems across a range of pump configurations.

Our vans come stocked with the best tools to commence work by top pump engineers immediately.

Pump Servicing

Septic tank emptying in Dartford

We undertake septic tank emptying and cleaning in Dartford. Along with this, we cover cesspit cleaning also.

Tanker servicing include full emptying, cleaning, and maintenance. Reports are made on the condition of your equipment, which will help in not getting caught out by surprise damages.

We recommend a 6-12 month service to keep on top of maintenance and prevent emergencies in the long run, which can contribute to higher costs.

Septic Tank Emptying
A septic tank sits in a hole, mostly covered by earth and sand in Dartford.
A wrench is used in pre-planned drain maintenance in Dartford.

Pre-planned maintenance in Dartford

We provide pre-planned drain maintenance in the Dartford area. This agreement will prevent the occurrence of drainage emergencies with routine checks to your drainage system.

Scheduled visits prevent a loss in revenue or general inconvenience so you can keep doing what you do best.

You can track your drains with our reporting service and keep up to date on their performance, along with any issues that may arise (in which case, they can be resolved quickly).

Pre-planned Maintenance

CCTV drain surveys in Dartford

We provide CCTV surveys for drains in the Dartford area. This is a great way to ascertain ongoing drain problems, or to plan works for property extensions.

Surveying and mapping services help to understand how drain systems are laid out and to quickly identify problems, should they occur.

We recommend a 6-12 month service to keep on top of maintenance and prevent emergencies in the long run, which can contribute to higher costs.

CCTV Drain Surveys
A drain engineer uses a CCTV camera to inspect a drain in Dartford.
A camera stands in the foreground of a trench for drain surveillance in Dartford.

Pre-purchase surveys in Dartford

We provide pre-purchase surveys in the Dartford area. These can be particularly useful when weighing up the purchase of a property.

The latest camera equipment is used to assess the condition of pipes and identify any obstructions or blockages. From this, a comprehensive report is written up.

Pre-purchase surveys exist to provide peace of mind before the deal on a property is closed. This avoids paying for unforeseen damage, alleviating unnecessary stress.

Pre-purchase Surveys

Public sewer maintenance in Dartford

We provide public and estate sewer maintenance in the Dartford area to keep sewer systems functioning properly.

Sewers can produce foul odours in warm weather, attract pests, and root intrusion can become a problem if they are not properly maintained.

We also clean and maintain gullies and storm drains for seamless public access on the roads and walkways.

Public Sewer Maintenance
Two drain engineers stand ankle-deep in water in the interior of a sewer drain in Dartford. One of the engineers looks upward towards natural light.

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