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  • Drain Repairs & Relining

    If you are suffering with damaged drainage, there are several options that Grey-Water Drainage can deploy to resolve the problem.

    Drain relining plays a crucial role in resolving persistent pipe issues and maintaining the functionality of your drainage system. Understanding the benefits of drain relining is essential to ensure the smooth operation of your drains.

    At Grey-Water Drainage, we specialise in providing professional and reliable drain repair and drain relining services. Our experienced team is dedicated to restoring the integrity of your drain pipes. Using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we assess the condition of your system and identify areas that require relining. We ensure that your drains are effectively repaired, mitigating future problems and enhancing the overall health of your drainage system.

Current Response Time:

2-3 hours

Current Response Time:

2-3 hours

​Why would you use a drain repair or relining service?

Drain jetting cleaning
Why do we believe our engineers are the best?
Your commercial and residential drains will likely over time experience wear and tear, and this can cause cracks to appear, water infiltration and damage to the existing pipes. In the past, the solution to this problem was to dig up and replace the drainage system completely, or relocate it to an area where there was less risk of damage (such as root ingress or flooding). However, Grey-Water Drainage use the latest non-dig drain lining services, as well as the best drain relining equipment, meaning this is no longer the case; these days drain patching has never been easier!

Non-dig drain lining involves inserting a specially designed liner into the existing drain pipes. This liner acts as a protective barrier, sealing any cracks or leaks, and reinforcing the structural integrity of the pipes. The process typically includes inspecting the drain system with specialised cameras to identify areas of concern accurately. Then, the liner is tailored to fit the specific dimensions of the drain system.

Structural lining of a damaged drain is a “non-dig” method of repair and sealing of damaged drain lines. As regards our drain relining equipment, Grey-Water use a resin-based fibre liner which is inserted into the damaged drain after being impregnated with the correct mixture of chemicals and then inflated by either air or water via an inner tube. Once the liner has hardened, the inner tube is removed and the liner is left in place as a permanent repair.

One of the added benefits of a liner is that it creates a straight-through section of run without any joints where roots can penetrate and force the pipework to become displaced joints where roots can penetrate and force the pipework to become displaced.

For your peace of mind we aim to attend all drains within a 2/3 hour window to get you back in your flow.
Our engineers are certified in jetting techniques, which is especially important in older drainage systems where clay pipe can easily be damaged by improper application of this method. Don't risk using an uninsured or inexperienced drainage company, you can use our services with complete peace of mind.

Guaranteed to solve your problem, at an affordable price, with an amazing friendly team. What more could you want?

You can call us now if you need immediate support, otherwise read on for tips on how to try and unblock your drain first.

No dig required

We can typically repair all types of drains with no dig drainage solutions, keeping your costs to a minimum using our innovative solutions.

Fast and efficient

Repairs carried out in the quickest possible time, minimising any damage to your property, putting your mind at ease, keeping those costs down.

Reduced cost

Employed as an emergency tool or preventative measure, periodically having your drains cleaned by high pressure jets prevents you being caught off guard with a larger bill for difficult blockages or property damage.

No heavy equipment

No industrial equipment on your premise, we only do what is necessary - and only do what you authorise, once we have consulted with you first.

Residential - How to spot a blocked drain

We support domestic households in providing drainage solutions, and often it can be tricky to ascertain whether a drain is blocked. Here are some ways to tell:

 Determining internal drain damage 

Grey-Water Drainage use CCTV drain inspection surveying equipment to thoroughly check the internal damage and whether any drain repairs are required. Our CCTV surveys allow us to check the internal quality of your drains, noting any faults found within the system, so that we can advise you on the best course of action specific to your requirements. This allows us to assess the quality of your drains with as little disruption to your home or work as possible.

 Problems that require relining 

If the Grey-Water team discover any of the following problems with your drains, drain lining solutions could be a viable solution and may be required: open joints, root ingress, water infiltration, ground shifting, cracks, holes in the pipe.

If we discover your drains have been damaged by any of the above, we may recommend our non-dig drain lining technology. The structural lining of your drainage system is important to ensure durability, functionality and generally prevent further problems from occurring.

     Benefits of structural lining 

    Structural relining is cost-effective and mitigates disruption; it provides resilience to ground movement, forms a barrier to water ingress and root penetration and, in the majority of cases, a structural liner will outlast the original pipework.

    With no joints, it allows for a smooth surface for the waste to flow through. All liners come with a 5-year guarantee (not insurance backed) and can save you thousands of pounds if drains are lined before they deteriorate.

      Structural lining saves Grey-Water customers hundreds of pounds and can be installed simply (in a matter of hours) without the need for costly and disruptive excavation.

      Have we not got you flowing yet? It's time to call the drain unblocking experts

      Commercial or residential, our team are fully equipped to resolve your issue today.

      Phone, email, or LiveChat - you are one step away from complete peace of mind.

      Call us including for out of hours emergencies

      Phone: 0800 141 3599


      Are you a commercial enterprise, public highway or council?

      Our options satisfy the most demanding requirements in addition to resolving the most immediate problems.

       Full reporting 

      We conduct thorough inspections and assessments to identify issues or potential problems and provide you with a full report of our findings.

       Flood prevention 

      We work with clients to develop and implement flood prevention and management strategies that sustain drainage infrastructure.

       Emergency response 

      In the event of an emergency, we provide response services to quickly resolve the issue and minimise disruption.

       Consultation and planning 

      We provide consultation and planning services in order to develop long-term drainage strategies, including recommendations or upgrades.

       Simple estimates 

      We provide simple estimates for remedial work. In this way, our clients understand what they are paying for and how cost is linked to service.

       Supporting vulnerable individuals 

      If the client is elderly or frail, we will explain with patience and care the situation and resolve the issue with utmost priority.

       High risk areas 

      Our teams are used to accessing sensitive areas and have been security vetted many multiple times in areas such as an airport airside facility.

       Standard payment terms 

      We provide invoice billing, payment schedules, and address accepted payment methods as jobs are completed.

      Here are just some of our commercial clients

      We don't just serve domestic households across Kent and London but any type of commercial enterprise, local council and public highway.

      Kent County Council uses drain companies like Grey-Water Drainage.
      Westfield London uses London drainage company Grey-Water Drainage.
      Greywater Drainage & The Body Shop
      Greywater Drainage Solutions & Prezzo
      Greywater Drainage Solutions & CBRE.
      Greywater Drainage Solutions & Foster and Partners.

      Who we work with

      Spot your type of organisation? Let's discuss your needs.

      Who we work with

      Spot your type of organisation? Let's discuss your needs.

      Get a commercial quote now!

      Phone, email or LiveChat, you are one step away from complete peace of mind.

      Call us including for out of hours emergencies

      Phone: 0800 141 3599


      Frequently Asked Questions
      When should I have my drains repaired?

      If you are concerned that your drains might be damaged, you should take action as soon as possible. We are on-hand to help with any inquiries, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to assess and repair any damage to your drains.

      How long does it take to repair a drain?

      The time it takes to repair drainage systems depends on the extent of the damage. It could be your drain just needs relining, or if there is found to be large structural damage, it may need replacing entirely. Generally we are able to sort out a problem on the same day, identifying the problem and using expert tools for drain patching and larger issues.

      How much does drain repair cost?

      Our repair fee comes down to how much of your drain needs attending to. Factors that affect the total sum range from what kind of damage has been done - a drain could have been taken over by root ingress, or it could have cracked due to temperature or storms - to how far along the drain damage has been sustained. Our rates generally start at £350.

      How much does drain relining cost?

      Typically a lining or relining depends on the length of the drain. Where we will have to remove damaged lining or damage to the drain itself, this will require time and precision. A relining will generally cost upwards of £400.

      Do I have to pay in advance for drain repairs?

      Due to previous experiences, we ask for payment in advance of drain repairs.

      Do I need my drains repaired?

      After a routine survey, we will have more information and can decide whether your drains need repairing. A survey will mean feeding a CCTV camera through your drain system to look for any damage or blocks. You may already recognize problems with your drains, however this doesn't always mean repair is needed; it could be a block that needs remedying.

      Is there a service for local drain repair near me?

      If you live in the Kent or London area, we have local operatives in your area who are able to carry out drain excavation and repair. Give us a call and we will provide you with our next available visit date.

      Can I repair a drain myself?

      Due to the specialist training and equipment needed in order to repair drains effectively, only experts are qualified to perform this service. With the complexity of some drain systems, someone without proper training will not be able to navigate to the source of the problem and take measures to repair it. Talk to us today and find out how we can save you stress and money with our experienced staff.

      Do you repair sewers?

      We do undertake sewer excavation and repair, as well as sewer relining to improve the integrity and prevent any collapses. Speak to us today to find out how we protect and secure sewers.

      How do you unblock an external drain?

      Depending on the type of blockage, we might use specialised pressure washers or pumps to unblock an external drain. Once a thorough survey has been undertaken to ascertain the cause of the blockage, we can better understand what is required to deal with it.