• Pump Servicing

    Our in-house pump servicing team is dedicated to providing rapid and reliable maintenance and repair solutions. Specialising in a diverse range of pumps, our qualified engineers are equipped to handle any challenge. Each team member arrives on-site with a fully equipped van, designed to ensure that most repairs are completed on the first visit.

Current Response Time:

2-3 hours

Current Response Time:

2-3 hours

How pump servicing helps

Why do we believe our engineers are the best?
Superior pump servicing, at unbeatable prices. Pump servicing is critical for both commercial and residential systems, and is effective across all pump types and configurations. The precision of our maintenance work ensures that whether it's issues caused by wear and tear, sediment build-up, or mechanical failures, our approach can restore functionality and efficiency.

All our vans are equipped with the necessary tools and parts to commence work immediately, handled by our fully certified pump engineers. These professionals are not only skilled in pump maintenance but are also committed to upholding the highest respect for your property and safety standards.

Our engineers are thoroughly trained in both standard maintenance and emergency repair techniques, ensuring rapid response and adherence to safety protocols to protect your premises and our team. We typically respond to all service calls within a 2/3 hour window to minimise downtime and restore your systems to optimal condition swiftly. Don't risk using an uninsured or inexperienced drainage company, you can use our services with complete peace of mind.

Guaranteed to solve your problem, at an affordable price, with an amazing friendly team. What more could you want?

You can call us now if you need immediate support, otherwise read on for more information on drain pumping services.

Pump Types We Service

Booster Sets: These pumps are essential for moving water away from low-lying areas or areas where the natural flow of water is insufficient for proper drainage.

Sewage and Storm Water Pumps: Designed for water that contains solid waste, such as sewage and debris from heavy storms, these pumps move wastewater from properties to treatment facilities, while storm water pumps manage runoff from rain and direct it away from urban areas to prevent flooding.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems: These systems collect and store rainwater from roofs and other surfaces to be reused for irrigation, flushing toilets, and washing machines, reducing flood risk.

Pressurisation Units: Used to maintain water pressure within a plumbing network, these units ensure water reaches all areas of a building efficiently.

Heating and Chilled Water Pumps: As part of HVAC systems, these pumps circulate hot water for heating and chilled water for cooling throughout a building, regulating the temperature efficiently to reduce energy consumption.

Basement Pump Stations: Installed in the lowest part of a building, these stations remove water that accumulates in basements due to high groundwater levels or seepage. Basement pump stations are crucial in preventing damage to foundations and interiors, along with maintaining a dry and functional basement space.

Dual action pump services

 Get your drain pumps working again 

At Grey-Water, our pump repair service is designed to restore your systems to peak performance with minimal downtime. Our skilled technicians specialise in diagnosing and fixing any issues, whether it involves booster sets, pressurisation units, or complex sewage and storm water pumps. With state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and carrying a range of spare parts, we aim to resolve most problems in a single visit. Our approach ensures that your pumps operate efficiently, reducing the risk of future failures and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

 Get the waste water pumped out 

In addition to repair services, we excel in efficiently managing wastewater removal when pumps fail. Our team is equipped to quickly deploy and implement emergency drainage solutions to prevent flooding and mitigate environmental impact. Using advanced pumping and containment equipment, we can handle the extraction and safe disposal of wastewater, ensuring that your premises are protected and compliant with environmental regulations. This service is crucial for maintaining sanitation and operational continuity in the face of unexpected pump failures.

Have we not got you flowing yet? It's time to call the pump experts

Commercial or residential, our team are fully equipped to resolve your issue today.

Phone, email, or LiveChat - you are one step away from complete peace of mind.

Call us including for out of hours emergencies

Phone: 0800 141 3599

URL: https://www.greywaterdrainage.com

Are you a commercial enterprise, public highway or council?

Our options satisfy the most demanding requirements in addition to resolving the most immediate problems.

 Full reporting 

We conduct thorough inspections and assessments to identify issues or potential problems and provide you with a full report of our findings.

 Flood prevention 

We work with clients to develop and implement flood prevention and management strategies that sustain drainage infrastructure.

 Emergency response 

In the event of an emergency, we provide response services to quickly resolve the issue and minimise disruption.

 Consultation and planning 

We provide consultation and planning services in order to develop long-term drainage strategies, including recommendations or upgrades.

 Simple estimates 

We provide simple estimates for remedial work. In this way, our clients understand what they are paying for and how cost is linked to service.

 Supporting vulnerable individuals 

If the client is elderly or frail, we will explain with patience and care the situation and resolve the issue with utmost priority.

 High risk areas 

Our teams are used to accessing sensitive areas and have been security vetted many multiple times in areas such as an airport airside facility.

 Standard payment terms 

We provide invoice billing, payment schedules, and address accepted payment methods as jobs are completed.

Here are just some of our commercial clients

We don't just serve domestic households across Kent and London but any type of commercial enterprise, local council and public highway.

Kent County Council uses drain companies like Grey-Water Drainage.
Westfield London uses London drainage company Grey-Water Drainage.
Grey-Water Drainage & The Body Shop
Grey-Water Drainage Solutions & Prezzo
Grey-Water Drainage Solutions & CBRE.
Grey-Water Drainage Solutions & Foster and Partners.

Who we work with

Spot your type of organisation? Let's discuss your needs.

Who we work with

Spot your type of organisation? Let's discuss your needs.

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Phone, email or LiveChat, you are one step away from complete peace of mind.

Call us including for out of hours emergencies

Phone: 0800 141 3599

Email: contactus@greywaterdrainage.com
URL: https://www.greywaterdrainage.com