• Pre Purchase Surveys

    When considering the purchase of a property, whether for commercial or residential purposes, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the drainage system's condition. Our comprehensive pre-purchase survey allows you to uncover potential problems, giving you the power to negotiate a better price, make an informed decision, or simply gain confidence in the property's drainage system.

    We use the latest camera equipment to conduct thorough inspections of the drainage system. By feeding the camera through the pipes, we assess for any obstructions or damages, providing you with an industry-standard drainage survey report. With this detailed analysis in hand, you can proceed with your property purchase, knowing that you have taken proactive steps to mitigate any future drainage-related surprises.

​Pre-Purchase Surveys

Pre-Purchase CCTV drainage footage is useful when weighing up the purchase of a property for
either commercial or residential. It is possible to uncover potential problems, to either negotiate a better price, pull out of the purchase, or even just to have confidence that the drainage system is problem-free. 

For a property buyer drain survey, a fully trained Grey-Water engineer will visit the property with the latest camera equipment to feed through the system to assess any obstructed or damaged pipes before compiling an industry standard drainage survey report.

Purchasing a new commercial or residential property is stressful enough without unforeseen and expensive drainage problems after your occupancy; our pre-purchase survey report will give you peace of mind.
drain survey being carried out
Top Four Reasons to Undertake a Pre-Purchase Drain Inspection:
  • Mortgages - Lenders may request a drain survey before agreeing to a loan, especially in areas with a history of drainage problems. Grey-Water Drainage pre-purchase drainage surveys are detailed and designed to meet industry standards. 
  • Identify issues to be resolved before a purchase - A CCTV camera inspection will flag any drainage issues before you become the homeowner and responsible for covering any costs.
  • Detailed drainage report - A generic property report won’t flag any drainage issues unless they are glaringly obvious and the inspector will not have the tools to access the drains and assess them.
  • Insurance - Some companies may not offer insurance on properties where drainage issues are found at a later date, while some insurers offer discounted rates on homes or properties where a drainage survey has been carried out and the drainage has proven to be faultless.

Examples of our Pre-Purchase Drain Survey

Pre Purchase Drain Surveys
Pre Purchase Drain Survey
What are the Benefits of Pre-Purchase CCTV Survey?
The CCTV inspection survey itself involves investigating a property’s drainage as a whole but is not just useful for finding damage, ongoing or potential drainage issues. All of the information uncovered in the pre-purchase drain survey is useful to have during the purchase process, either to negotiate a better price, or to plan the works required ready to move into the property.
Pre-Purchase Report Information
The information compiled in a CCTV drainage report may help buyers and sellers get a property sale over the line, but Grey-Water Drainage will also compile useful insights into the drainage system.
Drainage System Responsibility
The CCTV drainage report will ascertain who is responsible for the drainage and sewage systems around the property, something not considered until a drainage problem such as a leak or blocked drain occurs. Much like a property boundary report, the insight from a CCTV drainage inspection will help you avoid confusion, neighbour disputes and legal problems.
Drain Mapping
Our pre-purchase drain survey will include a map of the drainage and sewage system, which will save the expense of investigating this if any urgent repairs are required. It’s also beneficial to have information from a CCTV drain mapping survey in case you sell the property in the future.
Detailed Reporting
Using our state-of-the-art drainage cameras, Grey-Water Drainage customers will receive a detailed CCTV survey report, inclusive of images and if requested video from the CCTV survey equipment. The details collated are useful to refer to when selling or purchasing a property and our engineers will be happy to explain any drainage faults and highlight the remedial work required.
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The Importance of Hygiene

If your facility produces food, our vehicles and equipment are kept clean and well maintained. Our staff regularly use hand sanitisers and barrier creams which are replaced throughout the day. Fresh PPE is used on each project we attend. 

High Risk Areas

Our teams are used to accessing sensitive areas and have been security vetted multiple times. If we have to access a high risk area, such as an airport airside facility, you can count on us to adhere to the rules. We also carry out sewer mapping, which requires training and correct PPE.

Supporting Vulnerable Individuals

If we are attending a property with vulnerable occupants, their needs will be of vital importance to us. If the client is elderly or frail, we will explain the situation with patience and care, resolving the issue with utmost priority. If required, we will liaise with family members or care agencies at every step of the way.


Expert diagnosis & swift resolution of all blocked drains. Serving residential and commercial clients.

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We have seen every type of blocked interior drain, providing an efficient & affordable service.

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We will fix any drain that is leaking, in any location of your property, inside & out on our visit.

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Drain Maintenance

We provide all manner of drain repairs, whether to an appliance, toilet, bath or shower.

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Have a new drain to install? We can provide a full excavation and installation service.

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Cost-effective, non-invasive drain repairs, eliminating the need for costly digging services.

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Keep your drainage system clear and clean, free of faults.

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We maintain all public and private storm and aco drainage systems.

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We maintain all manner of sewers on public & private estates.

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Tanker Services

Quick turnaround septic tank emptying at affordable prices using our own fleet vehicles.

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Cesspit emptying for all types of residential, commercial and events companies.

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Tank Cleaning

We don't just empty septic tanks and cesspits, we clean and maintain them too.


Efficient CCTV drainage surveys for clear insights. Detect issues and prevent disasters.

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If you're not sure of the location of a drain & require a map or schematic, we got you covered.

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Buying a home is not a big risk, if you know everything about it. Don't forget your drainage!

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