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  • Drain Jetting

    Grey-Water Drainage employ high pressure drain jetting as this is the most effective way to clear your drains. Whilst you can use drain rods to clear blockages, these sometimes cannot reach the problem, or simply force it further along the pipe. 

    By utilising industry-leading equipment, it is no doubt that high pressure water jetting can be far more effective as the jetting hose can negotiate bends, travel further down the pipe, and exert more force on any blockage to remove it.

Current Response Time:

2-3 hours

Current Response Time:

2-3 hours

The Benefits of Drain Jetting

Drain jetting cleaning
Why do we believe our engineers are the best?
Using drain jetting is extremely effective for both commercial and residential properties, and can be used on all types of drains and all types of obstructions. 

The water pressure is so powerful that as well as clearing blockages caused by grease, fat, oil or scale, it can also remove tree roots or any other matter that has become lodged in the drain. 

All our vehicles carry a full jetting set up which can be set up in minutes and utilised by our fully certified engineers safely and effectively.

All of our engineers are fully committed to protecting and respecting your home and property. They are fully trained in high pressure drain cleaning and will set up a safety zone to operate it according to strict safety guidelines that are designed to protect you, your home and themselves.

For your peace of mind we aim to attend all blocked drains within a 2/3 hour window to get you back in your flow.
Our engineers are certified in jetting techniques, which is especially important in older drainage systems where clay pipe can easily be damaged by improper application of this method. Don't risk using an uninsured or inexperienced drainage company, you can use our services with complete peace of mind.

Guaranteed to solve your problem, at an affordable price, with an amazing friendly team. What more could you want?

You can call us now if you need immediate support, otherwise read on for tips on how to try and unblock your drain first.

How drain jetting works

Typically jetting requires a high volume of water, contained in large tanks so as to ensure an adequate amount is on-hand to complete a full job.

A hose is inserted into the drain, flexible enough to navigate the twists and turns and durable enough to withstand the constant high pressure of the water.

The hose is fitted with a nozzle that can penetrate tough debris in order to break it up and flush it out. The nozzle then concentrates the water to a high pressure to clean.

The water is not concentrated to a high enough pressure to damage the drains, but it will break apart most all stubborn debris.

See our team in action!

Watch Chris remove plastic debris from a factory drain using a drain jet wash.

Fully Qualified Engineers

Jetting drains daily near you and across the SE of England.

Safe, effective methods

Jet washing to clean and clear drains is a risky business if it isn't carried out with the right pressure washing equipment, handled by qualified personnel.

We protect you and your property with our specialist drain jet washing service.

Preventative Drain Jet Wash

Employed as an emergency tool or preventative measure, periodically having your drains cleaned by high pressure jets prevents you being caught off guard with a larger bill for difficult blockages or property damage.

External Drain Unblocking

We prevent additional costs, by getting it right first time. Our drain jetting services completely clear your immediate problem and we will then discuss preventative measures with you or highlight any required repairs.

Residential - What necessitates jetting

We support domestic households in providing drainage solutions, and often it can be tricky to ascertain whether a drain needs jetting. Here are some ways to tell:


The accumulation of grease, hair, debris, soap scum, or other objects can form blockages and impede the flow of water and waste.

 Tree root intrusion 

Tree roots inherently seek out moisture and nutrients, and so may infiltrate pipes through cracks or joints, which obstructs the drain flow.

 Scale build-up 

Mineral deposits from hard water can accumulate from inside drain pipes, narrowing their diameter and reducing the flow of water.

 Sludge build-up 

Organic matter can build up and solidify over time, forming thick sludge on the interior walls of drain pipes. This will not only restrict water flow but may create foul smells.

 Bacterial growth

Organic matter that becomes trapped in drain pipes can decompose and produce odours, as well as promote the growth of bacteria, which can pose health risks.


Older iron or steel pipes may corrode over time, leading to the formation of rust or other structural weaknesses that can impede water flow.

Have we not got you flowing yet? It's time to call the jetting experts

Commercial or residential, our team are fully equipped to resolve your issue today.

Phone, email, or LiveChat - you are one step away from complete peace of mind.

Call us including for out of hours emergencies

Phone: 0800 141 3599


Are you a commercial enterprise, public highway or council?

Our options satisfy the most demanding requirements in addition to resolving the most immediate problems.

 Full reporting 

We conduct thorough inspections and assessments to identify issues or potential problems and provide you with a full report of our findings.

 Flood prevention 

We work with clients to develop and implement flood prevention and management strategies that sustain drainage infrastructure.

 Emergency response 

In the event of an emergency, we provide response services to quickly resolve the issue and minimise disruption.

 Consultation and planning 

We provide consultation and planning services in order to develop long-term drainage strategies, including recommendations or upgrades.

 Simple estimates 

We provide simple estimates for remedial work. In this way, our clients understand what they are paying for and how cost is linked to service.

 Supporting vulnerable individuals 

If the client is elderly or frail, we will explain with patience and care the situation and resolve the issue with utmost priority.

 High risk areas 

Our teams are used to accessing sensitive areas and have been security vetted many multiple times in areas such as an airport airside facility.

 Standard payment terms 

We provide invoice billing, payment schedules, and address accepted payment methods as jobs are completed.

Here are just some of our commercial clients

We don't just serve domestic households across Kent and London but any type of commercial enterprise, local council and public highway.

Kent County Council uses drain companies like Grey-Water Drainage.
Westfield London uses London drainage company Grey-Water Drainage.
Grey-Water Drainage & The Body Shop
Grey-Water Drainage Solutions & Prezzo
Grey-Water Drainage Solutions & Prezzo
Grey-Water Drainage Solutions & Foster and Partners.

Who we work with

Spot your type of organisation? Let's discuss your needs.

Who we work with

Spot your type of organisation? Let's discuss your needs.

Get a commercial quote now!

Phone, email or LiveChat, you are one step away from complete peace of mind.

Call us including for out of hours emergencies

Phone: 0800 141 3599


Frequently Asked Questions
When should I have drain jetting carried out?

Drain jetting is typically carried out if you suspect your drains are blocked and need them fixed. Sometimes it can be standard to undertake drain jetting if you are selling or leasing a property, or have recently purchased one. Peace of mind can also be a factor when deciding on drain line jetting; it is far easier in the long run to know your drains are in the best condition possible.

How long does drain jetting take?

Depending on the size of your property, jetting times can vary. We have been known to complete these services in as little as half an hour. Of course, this is dependent on a range of factors: size of the property, extent of the blockage, complexity of the drain system. Smaller residential properties are often less time consuming than large office complexes, though there can be extenuating circumstances, such as blocked or broken drains that can require further investigation.

How much is drain jetting?

The price of drain jetting ranges from £60 and can be dependent on the length of a session and the size of a property. It can also depend on the complexity of a drainage system, the accessibility of the drains, and where the property is situated logistically.

Do I have to pay in advance for drain jetting?

Due to previous experiences, we ask for payment in advance of any drain jetting.

Do my drains need jetting?

It may be important to have jetting undertaken if you have moved into an old property or have been living in the same place for a few years without anything being done to your drains. Our experts are on call to help out and assess your drain system at a time that suits you. Give us a call to arrange an inspection by one of our local operatives.

Will drain jetting damage my drains?

Our jetting will never damage your drains. We use state-of-the-art equipment and pressure washers to navigate and clean drains to the highest standards. All our operatives are trained in the use of jetting tools, ensuring no harm comes to your drain system.

Are there local drain jetting services near me?

If you live in the Kent or London area, we have local operatives in your area. We are one of the top drain jetting companies in the south east, available to carry out commercial drain jetting and domestic drain jetting, depending on what you require. Give us a call and we will provide you with our next available visit date.

Can I carry out drain jetting myself?

Due to the specialist training and equipment needed in order to carry out high pressure drain jetting, only experts are qualified to undertake these services. Top of the range drain jets are also often difficult and costly to procure, and without the proper training, they can be easy to mishandle. Talk to us today and find out how we can save you stress and money with our experienced staff.