• Drain Excavation

    If your drains are in need of excavation, Grey-Water Drainage Solutions are on-hand to provide the best solutions.

Current Response Time:

2-3 hours

Current Response Time:

2-3 hours

Conducting excavations

Drain excavation. A pipe lies in a trench.
Why do we believe our engineers are the best?
A total collapse or severe deformation of a drain or sewer will require an exercise to excavate and repair the pipe. Reasons drains collapse or deform vary from ground movement and subsidence, tree root infestation, incorrect installation or excessive loading from changes to the environment above them. A drain excavation is, in most cases, the final resort of treatment for a damaged drainage system. Excavation repairs involve our team digging a hole or trench, providing direct access to the affected areas.

Prior to excavation, surveys and assessments are conducted to pinpoint the location and extent of the damage. This initial phase serves as the base for which the subsequent repair efforts are built upon.

Once excavation is underway, our team employs a blend of modern techniques and time-tested methods to navigate the task at hand. This can involve removing debris, detangling invasive roots, or replacing compromised sections of the pipe.

Our commitment extends beyond mere repair; we ensure the fortification of the drainage system against future threats. Through the use of durable materials and adherence to industry best practices, we aim to not only rectify the immediate issue but also bolster the long-term resilience of your system's infrastructure.

Don't risk using an uninsured or inexperienced drainage company, you can use our services with complete peace of mind.

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You can call us now if you need immediate support, otherwise read on for tips on knowing when it's time to excavate your drains.

See our team in action!

Watch Chris and the Grey-Water team perform a drainage excavation for a sunken pipe that has caused a client's patio to sink.

Excavating Experts

We know where the problem is and we know where to excavate. Minimising disruption to you and your property.

Complete Guidance

We will inform you on the location of the issue and discuss how best to resolve it. In providing multiple options and advice, we allow you to make informed decisions about what is best for your property.

Construction Familiarity

We support construction projects, both domestic and commercial, meaning you get the expertise and the skilled support you need on site so you can keep to project deadlines.

External Drain Unblocking

We carry out full drainage services which ensures that we are there to support you with every step or your project, or to resolve your problem.

Residential - What to know

We support domestic households in providing drainage solutions, and often it can be tricky to know if excavation is necessary.

 When is drain excavation necessary? 

The Grey-Water Drainage consider full drainage excavations to be the final resort. Only once we have carried out investigation works and tried or ruled out any other solution we will discuss the idea of excavation work as and when needed.

 Pre-excavation surveys 

In the event of an excavation, the Grey-Water team will carry out an extensive pre-excavation survey and diagnosis, ensuring we locate the exact digging location to ensure cost-effective and timely repairs or installations.

 How disruptive is drain excavation? 

We often have to excavate within people’s property, and we know how disruptive this can be. Customer expectations, along with minimising any disruption in these situations, are of utmost importance and we address concerns prior to commencing work. We produce detailed plans encompassing site assessment, health and safety considerations, storage of the excavated material and site reinstatement. We are always careful to reinstate and restore the site to your satisfaction.

Have we not got you flowing yet? It's time to call the drain unblocking experts

Commercial or residential, our team are fully equipped to resolve your issue today.

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Call us including for out of hours emergencies

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Are you a commercial enterprise, public highway or council?

Our options satisfy the most demanding requirements in addition to resolving the most immediate problems.

 Full reporting 

We conduct thorough inspections and assessments to identify issues or potential problems and provide you with a full report of our findings.

 Flood prevention 

We work with clients to develop and implement flood prevention and management strategies that sustain drainage infrastructure.

 Emergency response 

In the event of an emergency, we provide response services to quickly resolve the issue and minimise disruption.

 Consultation and planning 

We provide consultation and planning services in order to develop long-term drainage strategies, including recommendations or upgrades.

 Simple estimates 

We provide simple estimates for remedial work. In this way, our clients understand what they are paying for and how cost is linked to service.

 Supporting vulnerable individuals 

If the client is elderly or frail, we will explain with patience and care the situation and resolve the issue with utmost priority.

 High risk areas 

Our teams are used to accessing sensitive areas and have been security vetted many multiple times in areas such as an airport airside facility.

 Standard payment terms 

We provide invoice billing, payment schedules, and address accepted payment methods as jobs are completed.

Here are just some of our commercial clients

We don't just serve domestic households across Kent and London but any type of commercial enterprise, local council and public highway.

Kent County Council uses drain companies like Grey-Water Drainage.
Westfield London uses London drainage company Grey-Water Drainage.
Greywater Drainage & The Body Shop
Greywater Drainage Solutions & Prezzo
Greywater Drainage Solutions & CBRE.
Greywater Drainage Solutions & Foster and Partners.

Who we work with

Spot your type of organisation? Let's discuss your needs.

Who we work with

Spot your type of organisation? Let's discuss your needs.

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Phone, email or LiveChat, you are one step away from complete peace of mind.

Call us including for out of hours emergencies

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Email: contactus@greywaterdrainage.com
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Frequently Asked Questions
When should I undertake drain excavation?

The requirement to undertake drain excavation will depend on a variety of factors that could include persistent blockages, drainage system upgrades, root intrusion, and pipe replacement. If you have a problem with your drains but are unsure whether drain excavation is needed, give us a call or drop us an email and we can help identify the problem and the solution.

How long does drain excavation take?

Drain excavation can vary in length depending on several factors including the complexity of the project, the size and depth of the excavation, how accessible the drain is, what site and weather conditions are like. With these variables, it is difficult to determine an exact timeframe but upon assessing your particular drain system, we should be able to give a more accurate scale for excavation.

How much does drain excavation cost?

Our repair fee comes down to how much of your drain needs attending to. Factors that affect the total sum range from what kind of damage has been done - a drain could have been taken over by root ingress, or it could have cracked due to temperature or storms - to how far along the drain damage has been sustained. Our rates generally start at £350.

Do I have to pay in advance for drain excavation?

Due to previous experiences, we ask for payment in advance of drain excavations.

Do I need my drains excavated?

After a routine survey, we will have more information and can decide whether your drains need excavating. A survey will mean feeding a CCTV camera through your drain system to look for any damage or blocks. You may already recognise problems with your drains, however this doesn't always mean repair is needed; it could simply be a block that needs remedying.

Is there a local drain excavation service near me?

If you live in the Kent or London area, we have local operatives in your area who are able to carry out drain excavation and repair. Give us a call and we will provide you with our next available visit date.