Grey-Water Drainage Solutions Takes Fleet to the Next Level with CAPVAC Vacuum Tanker

By - Max
07.05.24 10:39 AM
Side profile of the CAPVAC 3200, acquired by Grey-Water to deliver all services in-house.

Grey-Water Drainage Solutions has taken a significant leap forward by integrating the versatile Cappellotto CAPVAC 3200 into its fleet. This advanced rigid vacuum tanker is engineered for the efficient suction and transport of non-hazardous sewer, storm water, and liquid waste, empowering the water drainage experts to deliver all of their services in-house to clients in Kent, Essex, East Sussex, and South-East London.


The CAPVAC 3200 features a 20,000-litre tank available in carbon or stainless steel, tailored for the safe handling of various waste types, including hazardous materials under ADR and ATEX directives. This customisation ensures operational flexibility across diverse environments – ideal for the drainage firm, who are often taken to a variety of sites in urban and rural areas. Equipped with a choice of vacuum pumps—rotary vane, liquid ring, or rotary lobe—this tanker is designed for optimal performance in any setting.

Grey-Water Drainage now features a diverse fleet of tankers with capacities ranging across 7.5, 18, and 32 tonnes. This variety allows the company to tailor its resources effectively, deploying larger vehicles for major projects and smaller ones for restricted access areas or less voluminous waste, optimising service efficiency and reducing the need for multiple trips.

The CAPVAC 3200 in operation by a Grey-Water Drainage engineer.


The Whale in operation by Grey-Water Drainage at the side of the road.

The Whale

Chris using the 7.5 tonne Jetvac for Grey-Water Drainage's services.

7.5t Jetvac Combination Unit

Advanced Features, Advanced Safety and Efficiency

The CAPVAC 3200's tank is reinforced with omega-shaped rings for stress distribution and equipped with sophisticated safety features like a multi-stage cyclone filtration system and automatic shut-off to prevent overfills and to prevent any harm to engineers. The tanker's full rear door, secured by hydraulic wedges, ensures safe and easy waste discharge, while its extensive lighting system, including LED beacons and work lights, facilitates safe operation around the clock.


By acquiring the CAPVAC 3200, Grey-Water Drainage Solutions now boasts enhanced capability to manage waste treatment autonomously with their sewage tanker services and more, boosting their own independence through providing all services in-house and minimising operational delays. This acquisition not only streamlines Grey-Water’s service offerings but also positions the company to handle larger and more complex projects efficiently.



Chris Guilfoyle, managing director at Grey-Water Drainage, expressed optimism about the new acquisition: "The addition of the CAPVAC to our fleet marks a significant enhancement in our service capabilities. We are now able to handle a wider range of projects with greater efficiency and fewer resources. It's an investment that not only expands our operational scope but also pushes our commitment to delivering top-tier wastewater management services with precision and reliability."



As Grey-Water continues to expand its capabilities, the CAPVAC offers a host of benefits in the realm of wastewater suction, attending to a vast array of problems within drain systems, not only contributing to the maintenance and upkeep of drains, but also ridding them of blockages and stagnant wastewater, which goes a long way in preventing disease, poor health, and environmental decay. This strategic update marks a pivotal advancement in its mission to lead the industry in environmental management and customer service.