How CCTV Drain Surveys Facilitate Better Drain Cleaning

By - Max
04.03.24 04:35 PM

The Purpose of a Drain Survey

There are multiple reasons a property owner would choose to undertake a drain mapping survey, ranging from locating a persistent problem in the system to being provided with a map to aid in any extensions or renovations. If you can identify and become familiar with your drain network – understand how it travels through your property and where problem areas have occurred previously – this makes the process of cleaning them that much easier.

The Effect on Drain Cleaning

As a CCTV drainage report will be able to pinpoint the root cause of ongoing drainage issues, professional operators such as Grey-Water Drainage Solutions can visually inspect pipe interiors and identify blockages, leaks, cracks, or other issues that may impede proper drainage. This allows for targeted cleaning efforts that address specific problem areas without having to guess which location needs attending to.


For property owners intending to extend or renovate their buildings, these surveys provide valuable insights into the layout and condition of the existing system. Knowing the precise location of drains, their connections, and any potential obstacles allows for informed planning of construction or renovation projects. By understanding the drainage infrastructure upfront, property owners can avoid accidental damage to pipes during construction and ensure proper integration of new drainage components.


The plans produced as part of the survey will serve as a record of the system’s makeup and allow property owners to track changes over time and make informed decisions about maintenance and upgrades. In the event of an issue, this documentation will streamline troubleshooting and repair efforts, cutting down on the time it takes to locate issues and blockages, and eliminating the potential for damage.

Without the schematics provided by surveys needed to establish problem areas in an extensive system of drains, it’s possible certain damage or waste build-up won’t be spotted; essentially, an operator could be going in blind. Not only will Grey-Water's drain mapping service reduce the time it takes to identify areas for cleaning, it cuts costs in the long run because of this.