Keeping Waterways Clean with Storm Drain Jetting

By - Max
24.08.23 10:15 AM

Storm drains may not often catch our attention, but they silently play a vital role in our lives. Concealed beneath our feet, these drainage systems are the unsung heroes of everyday infrastructure. Their task is to whisk away rainwater, preventing flooding and ensuring that our streets remain safe and accessible. Yet, despite their significance, storm drains frequently fall victim to obstruction by mud, litter, and debris. These blockages can lead to perilous road conditions, property damage, and unsightly streets. However, a potent solution to this issue exists: drain jetting.

At Grey-Water, we recognise the crucial importance of storm drain cleaning services in maintaining clear drain pathways, and storm drain jetting is one of the invaluable tools in our arsenal. This versatile technique is applicable in both residential and commercial settings, offering a swift and efficient solution to the persistent issue of drain blockages.


How Storm Drain Blockages Affect Us

Blocked storm drains pose real threats to our everyday lives. They can present road hazards by overflowing rainwater onto streets which increases the likelihood of accidents; homes and businesses can become inundated with this overflow and property damage can occur with disastrous consequences both to the properties themselves and to the lives of those within; stagnant water in blocked storm drains can become a breeding ground for pests and disease, posing health concerns to residents and pedestrians; the environmental impact cannot be understated also, with debris and pollutants being carried by stormwater into rivers and oceans, harming aquatic ecosystems.

The inside of a drain shows a high-pressure jetting device shooting water from a nozzle to clear the drain.

The Causes of Blocked Storm Drains

Using a high pressure drain jet, Storm drain jetting is particularly effective at tackling blockages caused by a variety of contaminants such as grease, fat, and oil build-up which generally occurs more in areas with a concentration of food establishments that can dispose of these by-products ineffectively, leaving them to congeal within storm drains and create stubborn blockages – these can sometimes become so large as to be termed ‘fatbergs’; notorious for infiltrating underground pipes and drains, tree root intrusion is also a problem for storm drains. Their growth within these systems can cause significant blockages and structural damage which can be combated with jetting, cutting through the roots like a laser; leaves, branches, litter, and other general environmental debris can make their way into storm drains as well, particularly during heavy rainfall or strong winds. Jetting effectively dislodges and flushes away these contaminants, eliminating blockages and preventing further intrusion.

Jetting offers exponential benefits in removing blockages from drains. The high-pressure precision means obstructions are broken apart by sheer force of the concentrated stream of water. In using water, this safeguards the environment in a way chemical treatment cannot. As the debris is broken apart, this ensures a thorough clean of the storm drain rather than simply pushing the blockage further down.

Beyond immediate blockage removal, regular storm drain jetting can serve as a preventative measure. Scheduled cleanings can keep your drainage system in top condition, reducing the risk of future issues.

A storm drain is submerged in deep water.

One remarkable feature of storm drain maintenance with jetting is its efficiency. The setup process is quick and straightforward, taking only minutes to prepare. Once the high-pressure water hose is inserted into the storm drain, it can effortlessly cut through the toughest materials. This efficiency ensures that blockages are cleared rapidly, minimising disruption to the local area.

Storm drain jetting is not merely a reactive solution to blockages; it represents a proactive approach to maintaining safe and sustainable communities. By keeping storm drains clear, we reduce the risk of flooding, ensuring roads remain safe and property remains protected.


This technique is a valuable tool for preserving the functionality of our urban drainage systems, offering a versatile and efficient means of remedying blockages in storm drains. At Grey-Water, we are committed to keeping communities safe and clean, so if you find your local storm drains aren’t flowing properly, do not hesitate to give us a call today.