Common Causes of Drain Blockages (and how to avoid them)

By - James
25.05.23 02:10 PM

A blocked drain can cause a great disturbance for home or business owners, causing water backup, bad odours, plumbing issues, and even health issues. In some cases, drain blockages are an inevitable fact of life; however, others can be avoided by taking some simple precautions.

Grease & Oil
Especially true in kitchen sinks, the build-up of grease and oil is highly likely to block drains by sticking to the pipes and contributing to poor water flow. This is easily avoided by scraping excess grease and oil from dishes and trays into bins before washing them.

Tree Roots
Roots from trees can grow into underground pipes, causing clogs and damaging the drains. You should avoid planting trees or shrubs near areas where the plumbing system runs. If you suspect that tree or shrub roots are blocking your drains, call us immediately.

Foreign Objects
Sanitary items, small toys, wipes and other objects can get lost down drains that are not properly equipped to deal with them. These will be items that don’t break down in the pipes and so become stuck in the system. You should take proper care to dispose of items such as these in a responsible manner.

Mineral Build-up
Hard water areas often have problems with mineral build-up blocking drains. Minerals will accumulate in pipes over time and cause blockages. To avoid this, you may consider installing a water softener which will reduce the damage hard water does to your drains.

Bathroom drains can suffer from blockages over time due to hair being flushed down plug holes in sinks, showers, and bathtubs. It is then easy for hair to get tangled and stuck in the drain which will then lead to a blockage. You can avoid this by employing the use of a hair catcher to trap hair before it gets lost down the drain.

These are a few instances where blocked drains can occur and generally most of them come down to small changes that can make a big difference in the long-term. You should always be mindful of anything you are putting down your drains. Of course, incidents cannot always be anticipated or avoided and in these cases, it is best to call a professional drainage solutions company to deal with the problem. Our team are adept at drain unblocking and preventing any recurring issues.