How Emergency Drain Surveys Prevent Future Blockages

By - Max
25.08.23 11:05 AM

Undertaking an emergency drain survey is a practical solution to potential problems that can leave homeowners stressed and worried for the stability of their drainage system and household infrastructure. By quickly identifying the underlying cause of any blockage you may be experiencing, a solution can be found to benefit the immediate problem and prevent similar issues occurring later on.


Detecting and addressing drainage issues in their early stages can prevent minor problems becoming major problems. Emergency drain mapping allows for prompt intervention by pinpointing problem areas and establishing a remedy immediately. This then will lead to targeted maintenance and repair for vulnerable areas to reduce the likelihood of severe blockages in the future.

Maintenance plans are devised from information gathered in drain surveys, which include visual documentation so accurate solutions such as jetting, descaling, or repairs can be established and expanded upon. Understanding the condition of the system means routine cleaning and repairs can be set up and prevent blockages before they occur.

A CCTV survey Solo Pro 50 unit with the camera down a drain on a long length of wire coiled around a frame and a screen mounted on top.

These surveys not only address the current problem, but also identify factors that may lead to recurring blockages. Addressing underlying causes such as poor pipe gradient or inadequate flow informs preventive measures against future blockages. Objective data is essential in this, providing material to analyse over time to identify patterns, recurring issues, and areas that require more attention.

This offers an opportunity to educate homeowners about proper drain usage and maintenance practices. Understanding what can cause blockages will promote better decision-making and empower homeowners to take steps to prevent them.


The information from these surveys can provide a greater understanding of your drainage system, as well as offering various advantages. You can make informed decisions about potential property renovations or expansions, ensuring that any alterations do not negatively impact your drainage system's efficiency. This knowledge can also be beneficial when selling your home, as you can provide potential buyers with evidence of a well-maintained drainage system, increasing the property's value and marketability.

Gloved hands hold the CCTV screen, monitoring the inside of a drain.

Taking a proactive approach to drainage problems thorough actions like an emergency drain survey will minimise disruptions and reduce costs, ensuring the proper ongoing functioning of any drainage system. The benefits of conducting emergency drain surveys also contribute significantly to the long-term health and sustainability of your system and your home. By addressing issues promptly, you not only save on potential future repair costs but also protect your property’s overall structure. Neglected drainage problems can lead to foundational and structural damage which can be extremely costly to rectify. An emergency drain survey is not just a reactive measure; it is an example of dedicated investment in the longevity of your home.