How to Stop Birds Nesting in Gutters

By - Max
05.03.24 02:53 PM

Birds often find interesting places to build their nests, and with the close intersection of nature and human construction, it is not at all out of the ordinary for some birds to choose building gutters to nest in owing to the high position these places afford, away from predators. When this happens, however, it can cause problems for the proper draining of rainwater and prove hazardous to the birds themselves, along with any eggs or young chicks.


You may find your property is a regular hotspot for attracting birds’ nests if you’re in an area with a lot of debris close by, such as twigs and dead leaves, that can be used to create them. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent birds from nesting in your gutters:


Regular Cleaning

In the immediate area, there may be trees that overhang and drop leaves and twigs in gutters which will act as good material for nest-building. To keep on top of this, regular cleaning of gutters, ground sweeping, and trimming of trees and shrubs will help to keep birds from collecting anything that could be used in a nest. It may also be pertinent to employ local gutter cleaning services to ensure a thorough job and to mitigate any safety concerns you may have about working at height.


Anti-bird Spikes

This is a common solution for a lot of property owners. Anti-bird spikes can be installed to line the inside of gutters without disrupting water flow. Spikes such as these are not intended to harm birds either, but merely act as a deterrent and indicate the gutter as a hazardous place to build a nest in the first place. Of course, the drawback of spikes can sometimes be that extra care must be taken when it comes time for the gutters to be cleaned of leaves and other debris, which can sometimes make the process longer.

Wire Covering

Applying a wire covering over your gutters will ensure the smooth direction of rainwater and stop twigs, leaves, and other debris from clogging the passage. A covering like this may not necessarily prevent birds building nests on top of them, but they will become less appealing places to build upon because of the lack of protection previously provided by the walls of the gutter. This also stops any large pieces of debris getting stuck.


Reflective Scare Tape

This tape can be used to line your gutters and reflect light and scare birds off. This is also especially helpful in keeping birds away from garden plots where fruit may be growing, or from flying into windows.


Provide Alternatives

Having a limited selection of places to build nests is often why birds seek out gutters. If you’re not averse to having birds around in the vicinity of your property but are simply looking to guide them away from your gutters, a useful solution may be to set up bird houses and entice them to these outposts with shelter and perhaps some seed.



There are many and more ways to deter birds from nesting in gutters but it is important to keep on top of this because once a nest is built and potentially housing a bird with eggs, the steps to removing them become exponentially more difficult. If you can factor in regular maintenance and hire a company for gutter unblocking every once in a while, you will be in for a better chance of warding off birds in the long run.