The Importance of Regular Drain Maintenance

By - James
18.04.23 02:27 PM

We rely on drainage systems working properly at all times, often paying no mind as to their upkeep or maintenance. Your drain system will present as a network of pipes and channels which are designed to transport and filter excess water away from a given area. This prevents flooding, stagnation, erosion, and other types of water damage. This water tends to be channeled to nearby waterways, storm sewers, or tankers. Designed well, these systems can be discreet and protect properties.

Consistent maintenance of a system of drains will prevent any long-term damage and keep them working as they are supposed to. We undertake drainage unblocking, as well as maintenance tasks and set up drainage maintenance plans to keep on top of regular oversight and so understand the importance of consistency with regards to staying on top of your drains. If this is not kept up, the consequences will detriment the overall functionality of the drains:

Drainage systems can become less effective if they are not maintained regularly, leading to increased flooding and erosion, which may lead to costly repairs.

Structural Damage
Ground surrounding a drainage system can misalign and displace the pipes and channels, preventing water from flowing freely and leading to blockages. Without maintenance, this may cause significant structural damage which may include collapsed pipes and sinkholes.

Soil erosion, weather, and chemical exposure will deteriorate pipework over time and without proper maintenance, pipes will become corroded which will lead to leaks and other water damage.

Over time, sediment, debris and other materials can accumulate in a drainage system and cause blockages that prevent water from flowing freely through the pipework. Standing water and flooding can happen because of this if regular maintenance has not been adhered to.

Our team are experts in drain maintenance and are able to routinely attend to your drains with a drainage PPM in order to prevent any of the above problems surfacing. A well-functioning drainage system tends to be one that you don’t think about; it simply does the job it needs to do so you can get on with your day hassle-free. Contact us today to see how we can help deliver quality ongoing maintenance to your drains.