Grey-Water Drainage Solutions Takes Pipeline Inspections Further with New High-Tech Crawler Camera

By - Max
08.05.24 10:42 AM
The front and rear of Grey-Water Drainage's new camera crawler for drain inspections.

As the drainage company pushing boundaries in innovative service development, we have recently taken a significant leap in the advancement of Grey-Water Drainage Solutions with the acquisition of the Easy-Sight X5-HW2 Crawler Camera System. This state-of-the-art equipment, featuring a 2000-meter cable, is specifically designed to inspect large-diameter pipes of up to 4 meters from 1-2km. It employs a high-definition 2.1-megapixel camera with capabilities for panning, rotating, and zooming, combined with precise laser measurement to ensure thorough and accurate assessments. We hope this will streamline operations with clients, ranging across Kent, Essex, Sussex, and the South-East of London, attending to callouts from broadband providers, public and national highways, local councils, as well as commercial and domestic clients.

This is just one part of the new equipment we have employed to maximise efficiency, along with additions to our fleet of tankers with capacities ranging across 7.5, 18, and 32 tonnes. The Crawler Camera will go a long way in improving the accuracy with which they can carry out operations, allowing us to identify issues at the source.

The CAPVAC 3200 in operation by a Grey-Water Drainage engineer.


The Whale in operation by Grey-Water Drainage at the side of the road.

The Whale

Chris using the 7.5 tonne Jetvac for Grey-Water Drainage's services.

7.5t Jetvac Combination Unit

The system's intuitive touch control tablet interface simplifies the operation, allowing for quick and efficient inspections. This advancement not only enhances Grey-Water Drainage's diagnostic capabilities but also significantly reduces the time and labour traditionally required for pipeline inspections. By enabling more frequent and detailed checks, the Crawler helps the company prevent potential failures and manage maintenance proactively, minimising downtime and operational costs.


Chris Guilfoyle, managing director of Grey-Water Drainage Solutions, remarked on the new addition: "The Crawler Camera has transformed how we approach pipeline inspections. With its extended reach and detailed imaging, we can now identify issues before they become critical, ensuring continuous service reliability for our clients. This capability fundamentally enhances our efficiency and effectiveness in field operations."

With the integration of the Crawler Camera into their service portfolio, Grey-Water Drainage boosts its commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies in the realm of CCTV surveying that enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This investment not only fortifies its market position but also aligns with its strategic goal of delivering superior and sustainable solutions.