The Problems with Drain Rodding

By - Max
30.08.23 03:20 PM

Drain rodding involves the insertion of a steel rod directly into a blocked drain to dislodge the obstruction and restore water flow. While it may appear to be a quick and simple solution for a blocked drain, several issues can arise when using this method.

Temporary Solution

Using drain unblocking rods can provide a quick fix by pushing through and breaking up blockages, though it may not address the underlying issue causing the blockage, which can lead to recurrent issues.


Pipe Damage

The process of inserting and manoeuvring drain rods within pipes can potentially damage the pipes themselves which, in the process, could lead to severe leaks and costly repairs.


Incomplete Blockage Removal

Drain rodding may not effectively remove all types of blockages, namely those caused by thick, solidified grease, tree roots, or stubborn objects stuck in the pipe.


Health Hazards

The use of rodding can be a messy and unsanitary job and has been known to expose workers to harmful substances, including sewage and bacteria. In these events, crew will always wear PPE and take safety precautions.


Limited Reach

Drain rods have a limited reach and so they may not be effective for blockages deep within the drainage system. In such cases, more advanced equipment may be necessary.

Drain rod being lowered into an open drain passage filled with debris.


While drain rodding can be boasted as a cost-effective method of removing blockages, it can become expensive if the problem recurs frequently, as the root cause of the blockage has not been addressed.



Drain rodding can disrupt regular household or business proceedings and activities due to a need to access and work on the drains, causing inconvenience and taking up space.

To mitigate these issues, it is important to assess the specific nature of the drain blockage and consider alternative methods if necessary. In the majority of cases, our Grey-Water professionals use water jetting services to remove blockages from drains. Not only does this effectively deal with the problem, it is fast and does not damage the interior walls of the drain itself. However, drain rodding is not necessarily a problem; if performed well and in the right circumstances, it can be an effective solution to stubborn blockages. We would also recommend the upkeep of regular drain maintenance to prevent any issues that would require an emergency unblocking callout.