What Goes Into Proper Septic Tank Maintenance

By - Max
05.03.24 02:29 PM

Septic tanks are vital components of many properties that are not connected to wider municipal sewer systems. Understanding how they work and the importance of proper maintenance is crucial for homeowners to avoid costly repairs and environmental hazards.


The process starts as waste from your property flows through drains into the septic tank. Inside the tank, anaerobic bacteria break down the effluent, separating oils that float to the top and solids that settle at the bottom. The treated effluent then escapes through a filtered outlet toward the drainage field. Here, aerobic bacteria further purify the water as it seeps into the ground, leaving only refuse in the tank.

Risks of Neglect

Septic tanks left unchecked pose risks of contamination to surrounding areas. Overflowing, blockages, or costly repairs become likely without regular maintenance. A pre-planned drainage maintenance contract offers a solution, minimising such risks and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Preventive measures like avoiding sanitary products, food waste, oils, or grease entering the pipes, along with using biologically friendly products, further safeguard the system. It is recommended that septic tanks be emptied every 6-12 months to maintain effective performance.


Professional Maintenance Services

In the South of the UK, Grey-Water Drainage Solutions stands as a trusted drainage company with extensive experience in septic tank maintenance. Their certified engineers and access to cutting-edge technology ensure reliable, hassle-free services. Grey-Water offers emergency call-outs 24/7 and pre-planned maintenance contracts, reducing disruptions and ensuring consistent care for your septic system. Septic tank emptying requires specific equipment and training. Grey-Water employs waste removal vehicles equipped with large pressurised vacuums. These vacuums suck sewage into the vehicle's waste tank, ready for safe transportation to disposal facilities by trained professionals.



Proper maintenance is the key to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of septic tanks. Homeowners should understand their septic system's workings, adopt preventive measures, and prioritise regular maintenance. With a trusted drainage company like Grey-Water Drainage Solutions offering comprehensive services, septic tank owners can rest assured their systems are in capable hands.