10 Signs Your Drain Needs Unblocking

By - James
18.04.23 02:27 PM

Ignoring a blocked drain can lead to severe damage to your plumbing system, which can include pipes bursting, water damage, and health hazards. Not only could this affect the structural integrity of your drains, it has the potential to warp the surrounding area of your home or place of business. In the event that drainage unblocking needs carrying out, it is crucial you know what to look out for when identifying this.

1.    Unpleasant Odours
Toilets, sinks, or showers emitting a foul smell can indicate a blocked drain. In instances like these, blockages can trap organic matter, releasing unpleasant odours.


2.    Gurgling Sounds
If you hear a gurgling sound coming from your sink or toilet, this will usually be the result of water attempting to flow past an obstacle blocking the pipe. It is also important to listen out for other strange noises that could indicate a blockage.


3.    Flies or Insects
Organic matter blocking drains can attract insects, posing health hazards and property damage. If you are noticing frequent visits from flies, moths, maggots, or other insects, notify us and we can solve your drain issues and rid your property of pests.

4.  Multiple Clogs
A blocked main drain will often cause multiple clogs to appear in pipework and is a severe issue that lets you know to call a professional drainage company to deal with the problem at its source.


5.  Backflow
Wastewater flowing back up the pipes of your sinks or shower will indicate a blocked drain immediately. Backflow can be unsanitary and cause health risks so it is ideal to contact a drainage company as soon as possible.


6.  Standing Water
If you notice puddles of water around your bathtub, shower or sinks, this may be a sign that water is not draining properly due to a blocked drain, which can lead to water damage and sustained damage to your property.

7.  Increased Water Bills
If your water bill is higher than you were expecting, this may point to a leaking or blocked pipe which can cause or exacerbate high bills and structural property damage.


8.  Toilet Trouble
A blocked drain has the potential to make it difficult to flush your toilets and cause sewage backup. If your toilets are not flushing as smoothly as they should, make sure to call us immediately.


9.  Lush Patches on your Lawn
Leaks will act as fertiliser for your lawn area but will be detrimental to the rest of the property. You can generally spot a blocked or leaking drain by paying attention to lush patches on your lawn space.


10.  Slow-draining Water
If you find water taking longer than usual to drain, this will certainly act as a sign of a blocked drain, especially in showers, bathtubs, and sinks.


Addressing blocked drains as they occur is vital in maintaining a healthy and functioning drainage system. If you are looking for drainage engineers near you, we offer regularly scheduled maintenance checks with us. If you notice any of the above signs, be sure to let us know and we can prevent any damage or risks to the property and your health.