How Tanker Services Prevent Drainage Emergencies

By - James
18.04.23 01:54 PM

Our tanker services take the form of septic tank and cesspit emptying.

A septic tank will collect and treat wastewater from a building and typically consists of two chambers in which one allows wastewater to settle and separate into three layers (solids, which sink to the bottom; clear water, which sits in the middle; fats and oils, which float to the top). From here, the clear water flows into the second chamber and is treated by anaerobic bacteria. Septic tank emptying entails discharging the water into a drainage field or soakaway to be absorbed by the soil.
A cesspit is a sealed underground tank that collects and stores raw, untreated sewage until it is emptied by a tanker and taken for treatment and disposal at a designated plant. Cesspits generally feature in areas where there is no access to public sewer systems, or where it is not possible to install a septic tank.

There are numerous problems that could arise if you do not have access to tanker services for your drainage system and instead leave wastewater to drain into the ground untreated:

Property Damage
When disposed of improperly, wastewater can seep into the ground and cause soil saturation, erosion, and damage to surrounding vegetation. This tends to happen when the wastewater is not treated.

Environmental Pollution
Containing bacterial contaminants, viruses, and chemicals, wastewater will pose great risks to the surrounding environment, as well as human health.

Health Risks
Harmful pathogens are present in raw sewage which poses a threat to the health of people and animals. This can cause waterborne diseases, hepatitis, gastroenteritis, and other dangerous illnesses.

Reduction of Property Value
Properties that lack proper wastewater treatment and disposal systems will be less attractive to potential buyers when it comes to putting them on the market. The risks and liabilities of this will act as a large detriment to how well the property sells or much it is rented for.

Odour and Pests
Wastewater, if left untreated, can be particularly foul-smelling, which could attract insects and pests, leading to discomfort and reduced quality of life along with potential tension and conflict with neighbours.

Services like private septic tank emptying and tanker services such as cesspit maintenance will alleviate these problems, treating water properly and offering you peace of mind in the knowledge your drainage system functions consistently.