Grey-Water Drainage Solutions Expand Operations with New Tech

By - James
23.05.23 11:20 AM

Grey-Water Drainage Solutions is seeking to expand its operations and have recently incorporated the use of the CoverUp Key Ltd (formerly ManUp Key) to facilitate this expansion. During a trip to the National Drainage Show, Kent-based Grey-Water came across this innovative piece of equipment from the Key’s suppliers, designed to streamline the process of removing manhole covers.

With a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovations in the drainage industry and a penchant for utilising social media to showcase and review cutting-edge products, Grey-Water has shared a video on their LinkedIn page demonstrating the use and functionality of the CoverUp Key. This ingenious tool utilises a hammering motion to loosen manhole lids, making them significantly easier to lift and reducing strain on the back.

In the video, Grey-Water’s managing director, Chris Guilfoyle not only demonstrates the effective use of the CoverUp Key but also highlights its additional benefits. One notable advantage discussed is the cost-saving aspect: traditional manhole keys have the potential to cause breakages when removing lids, leading to unnecessary expenses. The CoverUp Key, however, is designed to eliminate such breakages, resulting in long-term savings for drainage companies like Grey-Water. Equipment like this proves particularly useful for loosening tightly pressed manhole lids due to vehicular or foot traffic. The CoverUp Key minimises time and manual effort compared to traditional manhole keys, which typically require more exertion and additional tooling with more risk to the manhole frame and the key operator.

Endorsing this remarkable money-saving tool is another way in which Grey-Water Drainage Solutions continue to grow as a company, after just lately hiring a new employee to expand their operations in the South East and meet the needs of their growing clientele.

In addition to their active presence on LinkedIn, Grey-Water frequently use YouTube to platform their engaging videos. These videos are characterised by their visual flair, entertaining format, and comprehensive content structure, providing viewers with insights into a day in the life of a drainage company, various product reviews, and first-hand professional knowledge from the Grey-Water team.

Grey-Water Drainage Solutions remains dedicated to prioritising innovation in their operations, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining industry expertise, guaranteeing a prominent position within the drainage industry. By forming strategic and eye-catching partnerships, and acquiring and demonstrating new tools like the CoverUp Key, they continue to expand their reach and boost their reputation in the drainage sector.