• Cesspit Emptying & Cleaning

    Cesspits are responsible for collecting and holding waste water and sewage from domestic and commercial properties that are not connected to the mains sewer lines.

What are Cesspits?

Cesspits work by providing a similar solution to septic tanks, collecting your waste and sewage. The difference between the two is that cesspit tanks do not process or treat the wastage in any way. They can fill up at a fast rate and require emptying more frequently. Cesspits are typically used when the ground is unsuitable for the waste to be treated; this can include areas in close proximity to water courses.
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Full emptying and cleaning, keeping your equipment and environment clean.

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Subject to property size, maintenance is the key to preventing emergency call-out and unexpected costs.

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We carry out full drainage services meaning we are typically always prepared for any eventuality. 

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How do septic tanks work?

The waste from your property flows through drains into the septic tank. This fills the tank with effluent (waste water) which is broken down by anaerobic bacteria, separating oils (which float to the top) and solids (which float to the bottom). Once this separation process has taken place, the effluent escapes through a filtered outlet towards the drainage field. In the drainage field, bacteria have a big area to thrive and the treated effluent can seep into the ground. Aerobic bacteria in the surrounding soil brings the process to a close, taking in the clean, filtered water. All that is left in the tank is the refuse.

How often does my or cesspit need emptying?

Emptying and cleaning your cesspit can help prevent any overflowing or malfunctions from occurring, whilst helping maintain efficiency. How regularly you empty it all depends on the size of the property and how frequently it is used. It’s recommended that you empty your tank every 6-12 months to maintain effective performance.

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How can cesspit problems be prevented?
A cesspit that is not emptied on a regular basis is at risk of causing contamination to surrounding areas. A pre-planned maintenance contract is the perfect solution to minimise the risk of overflowing, blockages or costly repairs being required in the future. Routine cesspit maintenance also ensures compliance with legal requirements. It can also be useful to ensure no sanitary products, food waste, oils or grease enter the pipes. Using biologically friendly products is also recommended.
Why use Grey-Water services for cesspit emptying?
Our cesspit emptying services are backed by extensive experience, reliability, and hassle-free maintenance. With a team of certified engineers and access to advanced technology, we provide quick and effective services with minimal disturbance. 24-hour emergency call-outs and pre-planned maintenance contracts are on offer to prevent unnecessary disruptions. Contact the our team today for all your cesspit requirements.
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The Importance of Hygiene

If your facility produces food, our vehicles and equipment are kept clean and well maintained. Our staff regularly use hand sanitisers and barrier creams which are replaced throughout the day. Fresh PPE is used on each project we attend. 

High Risk Areas

Our teams are used to accessing sensitive areas and have been security vetted many multiple times. If we have to access a high risk area, such as an airport airside facility, you can count on us to adhere to the rules.

Supporting Vulnerable Individuals

If we are attending a property with vulnerable occupants, their needs will be of vital importance to us. If the client is elderly or frail, we will explain with patience and care the situation and resolve the issue with utmost priority. If required, we will liaise with family members or care agencies at every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does does a cesspit take to fill?

This is subjective to the owner of the cesspit. The time it takes for a cesspit to fill up can vary depending on several factors such as its size, the number of occupants using the system, and their water usage habits. However, it's important to note that cesspits are not designed to be filled and are typically emptied on a regular basis to prevent overflowing.

How much does cesspit emptying cost?

Cesspits will vary in size - a larger cesspit will ultimately be more costly to empty than a smaller one. Generally, a cost of emptying a cesspit at 4,500 litres will range from £100, whilst an 18,000 litre will mark up at upwards of £250. Of course, total sums will differ from case to case when it comes to cesspit cleaning. 

Is there cesspit emptying near me?

If you live in the Kent or London area, we have local operatives in your area. We are available to carry out commercial and residential emptying and cleaning of cesspit tanks, depending on what you require. Give us a call and we will provide you with our next available visit date.

Can I empty my cesspit myself?

Due to the specialist training and equipment needed in order to empty cesspits, only experts are qualified to undertake them. Talk to us today and find out how we can save you stress and money with our experienced staff.

Do I have to pay in advance for cesspit emptying?

As this process can be time-dependent, we ask for payment after the job is complete.

Will a cesspit smell?

Kept in working order, a cesspit will not cause odour to permeate outside. All waste water is contained within the cesspit as it is treated and without any cracks or leakage, the smell will also be contained. If you smell unusual odours coming from your cesspit, give Grey-Water a call - it may be that the tank has sustained damage.

What size cesspit do I need?

If you need to accommodate a lot of people, a large cesspit could be necessary (perhaps in the realm of 18,000 litres).

How do you empty a cesspit?

As professionals, we have the best equipment on-hand for emptying cesspits of waste effectively and safely. We use a specialised vacuum truck to suction the waste water from the cesspit and store it ready for transportation to a disposal facility. We ensure waste water is disposed of in accordance with local regulations and environmental guidelines.

Where would you find a cesspit?

Cesspits are typically found in rural or remote areas where there is no access to a centralised sewage system. They are usually located underground, in yards of residential properties or in a designated community area. Cesspits will often be covered with a manhole or access point for maintenance and emptying.