Grey-Water and the Whale: How This Drainage Solutions Company Boosted In-House Services with New Vehicle Acquisition

By - Max
07.05.24 09:28 AM
Before and after images of the Whale jetting and suction vehicle. The 'before' image shows the Whale next to a large puddle on the road, and the 'after' image shows the puddle as significantly smaller.

Grey-Water Drainage Solutions, a leading provider in England’s wastewater management industry, has recently taken a significant step forward in developing and bolstering its service delivery in Kent and South East London by investing in the advanced Whale Medium Volume Combination (MVC) vehicle. This strategic acquisition marks a pivotal moment for the company, allowing them to deliver comprehensive in-house services that were previously outsourced, contributing to their commitment to innovation and efficiency.


One of the standout features of the Whale is its ability to swiftly empty and clean roadside gullies. Equipped with high-pressure jetting capabilities, the vehicle excels in clearing gully connections and domestic drains. With its up-rated jetting system and large, hydraulically-powered hose, the machine is ideal for tackling mainline sewers and other large-scale drainage requirements, enhancing the speed and efficiency of Grey-Water Drainage’s service offerings for their commercial and residential clients, where before a large tanker may have been outsourced from an external entity and may not have offered the same power. With this fleet update, and along with other investments such as a new drain Camera Crawler System, the company moves to control all aspects of its service provision in-house.



Grey-Water Drainage now operates an expanded fleet of tankers, with capacities ranging across 7.5, 18, and 32 tonnes. This diversification enables precise planning for various project sizes—utilising larger vehicles for substantial projects and smaller ones for tight spaces or lesser wastewater volumes, effectively reducing the need for multiple trips. 

The CAPVAC 3200 in operation by a Grey-Water Drainage engineer.


The Whale in operation by Grey-Water Drainage at the side of the road.

The Whale

Chris using the 7.5 tonne Jetvac for Grey-Water Drainage's services.

7.5t Jetvac Combination Unit

The Whale, with its multifunctional capabilities and state-of-the-art design, is a semi-automatic 10-tonne tanker capable of holding 4,500 litres of dirty water, and 3,637 litres of clean water. This acquisition enables Grey-Water Drainage to handle all aspects of drain unblocking and cleaning through their waste tanker services, as well as the transportation of wastewater to treatment facilities, producing superior service compared to other providers in the South-East.


Prior to this acquisition, Grey-Water Drainage may have faced delays and additional costs associated with accessing similar equipment from third parties. Managing Director, Chris Guilfoyle said of the investment: “With the Whale MVC as a permanent fixture of our fleet, we’re excited to offer more cost-effective and timely services to our clients. We hope this signals a step in the right direction to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating the travel needed to pick up and drop off vehicles to and from other providers, and to generally deliver more self-reliant and fast operations.”


This update to how the company delivers its drain solutions is more than a simple upgrade—it's a transformation that enhances their ability to manage every aspect of wastewater treatment and drainage cleaning and maintenance internally. With this acquisition, Grey-Water Drainage Solutions reinforces its commitment to providing the best services tailored to their clients, ranging across broadband providers, national highways, local councils and more. In this they are able to respond to more calls in their service areas of Kent, Essex, East Sussex, and South-East London, solidifying their position as a leading force in the industry.